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On Baby Boomers, Gen X, Millenials and Gen Z ...

In broad terms, the world is currently made up of Baby Boomers , Generation X (like me), Millennials (aka. Generation Y) and Generation Z .  To begin, each and every one of these groups, during their formative years, were the most progressive generation that has ever been.  Their experience of the world during that period will influence their idea of what the ideal world should be in order to provide maximum personal happiness ... how can anyone anticipate the possible happiness that they would experience if the world were different?    Now this is not across the board of course, people who's experience of the world is more challenging will identify those items and passively or actively try to change the things that created their discomforts during their formative years.  This is what's know as "progress" - this is also presented as social justice, equality, liberalism and many other names ... Why is this important? The world functions on progressing experience and