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On White Privilege ...

I am a heterosexual white male, English speaking, from a Christian family, living in North America with no visible disabilities.
I have been in a quiet room with one other person. I have walked through a park alone at night.  I have gone on dates with relative strangers and just hung out at their house.  I have been blackout drunk in public.  I have NEVER feared rape.
I have walked down the street and people do not cross to the other side.  I have never had a racial slur yelled at me from a stranger on the street or a passing car.  I have never been to an interview with the concern that, because of the colour of my skin, I will not get the job no matter how well I perform.  I have never feared being stopped and asked about my actions or intentions by police so long as I am acting in a generally decent way.  Even when I have acted irresponsibly and recklessly I have NEVER been treated without respect from those with authority.
I do not worry that my first language, the one taught me b…