On Conspiracy Theories ..

Truth is relative so I'm not going to make some blanket statement about all conspiracy theories - but I am going to address some of the more pervasive and damaging ones in the current world.

There is a lot of talk about masks, COVID-19 and government control going around right now.  People are resorting to violence to protest masks and closures and a host of other actions taken by governments on the advice of health scientists.  

First off, in Canada at least, I know the people working on the response - all the way to the CPHO.  I am married to someone working 70hr weeks as an executive on Canada's response.  I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt that these people, first and foremost, have the health security of the people in mind in every action they take.

So lets break down a few walls here:

1. This is a government conspiracy to control people.  

Play this out for a minute.  If you think that governments can do anything in secret, especially of this scale then you surely don't read the news.  People in power can hardly go to the bathroom alone without it being reported by 100 news media outlets.  Also, as we can clearly see, there is no win possible for those in power.  If you enact harsh measures and successfully suppress the disease then you actions were too draconian and you will be removed from power for over-reacting.  If you don't act enough then the response will be seen as weak and you'll be removed from power (or have to take drastic steps to hold onto power - but that's not a discussion I'm having today.)

2. Masks are a form of government control.

This may be the dumbest one out there right now.  Honestly, if you think masks are a form of control then you are forgetting a key - the government also has laws in place to force you to wear pants and they will arrest you if you don't - and being a few feet away from a pants-less person is FAR less likely to give you a potentially fatal virus.

3. Vaccines are for tracking people.

I'm not going to deal with tradition anti-vaxxers here, just the idea that the gvt would use a vaccine to track us.  Seems to me that everyone who says this forgets that the gv't already knows everything about you - Social Insurance numbers track here you work, mortgages backed by gv't insurances track where you live. Gv't hands out car registrations, licence plates and drivers licences to know when and where you travel.  In Canada we have Health Care numbers so the gv't can track your medical issues. And what the gv't doesn't know about you, Google, Apple and Facebook do. There is NO NEED for another way to track people.  But do you want to know something else?  No one in gv't cares about you as an individual. There is no dark room of people watching everyone on screens - I know, I work in the Sr. Levels of Gv't and we don't even have enough human resources to track our own people on the job.  No one cares what you bought at Walmart.

4. Masks are an invasion of privacy.

This one may be the most hilarious to me.  Think of every robbery movie that you've ever seen - the criminals cover their faces so they can't be recognized or tracked.  The gv't is now telling you to cover up - to be anonymous. You can LITERALLY shop in a mask, sunglasses and baseball cap legally.  In the name of health security the government has decided you can be more anonymous that was ever permitted in our country before.

I know the advice changes from day-to-day, but that is because the science changes day-to-day.  People in government are not ultra-genius savants who know all the answers.  They learn day-to-day through experimentation and study JUST LIKE YOU.  Expecting them to have all the answers for a virus on day one is roughly the same as if you were expected to defend your Doctoral thesis on the first day of kindergarten.  You can't ... you have to study and learn and grow ... and even then you might not get it all right ...

The world over people are doing their best to help people.  Buring themselves out mentally and physically with hard work, experimenting and studying, and probably sacrificing their careers in many cases so that you can stay safe - and, in return you put conspiracy into the world to cause revolt which is just one more thing our leaders have to solve because somehow, some people cannot accept that they are just flawed humans like you.

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