On White Privilege ...

I am a heterosexual white male, English speaking, from a Christian family, living in North America with no visible disabilities.

I have been in a quiet room with one other person. I have walked through a park alone at night.  I have gone on dates with relative strangers and just hung out at their house.  I have been blackout drunk in public.  I have NEVER feared rape.

I have walked down the street and people do not cross to the other side.  I have never had a racial slur yelled at me from a stranger on the street or a passing car.  I have never been to an interview with the concern that, because of the colour of my skin, I will not get the job no matter how well I perform.  I have never feared being stopped and asked about my actions or intentions by police so long as I am acting in a generally decent way.  Even when I have acted irresponsibly and recklessly I have NEVER been treated without respect from those with authority.

I do not worry that my first language, the one taught me by my parents that is reflective of my culture and history, will limit my choices.  I have always been able to communicate with someone in authority.  I have always had access to all the information I need to support every decision without requiring any type of interpretation.  I have NEVER been denied service because of my first language.

I have never been questioned about my preference of females as companions or mating partners.  I have never been told that because of my biology I am against "God" and sentenced to an eternity of damnation.  I have never seen heterosexuality mocked on television, movies or music. I have NEVER been insulted or attacked simply because I prefer the company of women.

My country of origin, or my country of birth, is of no concern when crossing an international border.  I  am not limited in my choices of work or travel, unless its by money or skills.  I am NEVER limited by where I was born, something I had no control over.

I can enter any building with an unlocked door - in fact, I can open any functioning door without difficulty.  I can purchase a car off the lot.  I can read a lobby directory, walk up stairs or enter an elevator and select the correct floor without even thinking about it.  I am NEVER concerned about my ability to move through the physical world.

This is my privilege.  I am aware of it - or at least most of it.  There is nothing I can do to change it, and I am honest enough to say I wouldn't change it even if I could.  I am aware that there may be other limits experienced by other people that I can't even imagine.  What I can do is commit to have open eyes - to see the struggles of others and help where I can.  I can have open ears and listen with empathy as others tell their stories of struggle and ensure that I never behave in a way that limits others.  I can apologise for something I said or did when I didn't have all the information or alternate points-of-view.  I can commit to not making those same mistakes when I'm shown the error of my ways.

I can do my best to not be a dick.

#privilege #whiteprivilge #socialjustice