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On setting expectations ...

There are over 6000 languages on the planet-   and 2000 of those with over 1000 speakers.    We’ve also all had the experience of talking with someone who, despite using the same language, because of an accent or localised slang, you are unable to properly communicate your message, intention or question.   In addition to these communication languages, we often use very non-specific language when making requests with the assumption that the person receiving the request somehow has the same history, training, wisdom and point-of-view as we do, and that they will interpret the vague language we’ve used in the way we have intended it to be understood. If we work from the assumption that all people are in the pursuit of happiness, then conversely, people should be looking to avoid stress and conflict.   What this means is that conflict arises from a lack of understanding the other side’s perspective and no clear understanding of the middle ground, no willingness to listen and compro