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On Actions and Reactions ...

I was chatting with some friends the other day and they were telling me about an experience they had with an UberEats driver who parked in a handicap spot for his pickup.  My friend confronted the UberEats driver about parking in a handicap spot by mentioning that there is a large fine for doing so.  The driver attempted to stare her down and intimidate her and she stood her ground but the situation was going to a bad place with words exchanged.  Her significant other - a tall, large and tattooed man - was able to de-escalate through increased intimidation and the UberEats driver moved from the spot. Now, as she was telling me this story I could feel my anxiety cranking up.  We started to discuss if this was the right choice or if there were other options.  I explained that I would not have engaged that way.  That I would have calculated that there is a 99.9999% chance that nothing would happen as a result me remaining silent AND that if the 0.0001% happened, the worst outcome woul