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On Strategy and Execution ...

There is a saying "A goal without a plan is just a wish" and it is so very true.  Sometimes we are so anxious to start the execution, excited to start a sprint towards the finish that we forget about the planning part.  We have all done it - we think we have a target, an end state, and we start to move towards it - then, at some point, you realise that you can't actually define what "it" is anymore ... so you wouldn't even know it if you got there. First off, we need to realise that there is no end state, there is no finish line - only a pass-through into something bigger.  What we are actually shooting for is a marker on a much longer journey.  For example: in sports, an individual may wish to play professionally.  First, they must develop enough basic skill to qualify for a team - or find a team that will invest in training the individual to a certain level.  Next, that individual will need to improve their skills and develop their body to compete in in