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On Sensational News Headlines ...

So, July 30th was Child Trafficking Awareness Day. The statistic that the media and advocates often quote is 'Half a million child abductions in the United States per year' .  Wow.  Child abduction is terrible and it definitely happens.  It is sick and we need to remove this evil from the world, for sure. In order to draw attention to any problem, the advocate must define why this problem is worth caring about and possibly, why its worth your money or time.  The objective is to play on the human capacity for empathy ... the more people/families impacted by the issue, the more stress the observer will feel and the more empathy they'll feel towards the victims, driving them towards an action.  It's how TV dramas work, how movies work and how new media works.  No one will consume media that doesn't invoke a feeling in us.  Honestly, who would read or watch a news story that 99.99% of people on the planet had a regular day.  90+% of them went to work or school.