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On Imagination and the Collective Memory ...

Come with me on this mental journey for a moment ... Imagine a high speed foot chase is taking place on a busy city street.  The runner, trying to escape his aggressor takes refuge in a mostly empty theatre.  The foot chase has now become a tense game of hide'n'seek ... the pursuer, through the low theatre light, sees this target ducked down behind a stage prop, hoping to remain unseen.  Looking towards the roof, he notices a sandbag - that functions as a stage curtain counter-weight - is directly overhead of his not-so-well hidden target.  His eyes follow the complicated mess of ropes and pulleys until he spots the mooring and the knot that, once unravelled, will set the sandbag into free-fall, landing on the hidden subject, temporarily immobilising them to allow for capture, or perhaps just public humiliation. Can you picture that?  I am sure you've seen it 100 times over in movies and cartoons.  I am sure that you can feel the weight of the bag on you and pro