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On Fragile Progress ...

As I read all the news stories about the US government and TikTok I am struck by 2 things: first, how similar we all are everywhere; and, how the world runs on the assumption of bad intentions from others and we stress and scramble to protect ourselves from a threat that really isn't there. I say assumption because we are pre-emptively attempting to stop an action from happening - and given that we are creatures with free-will there is no definitive proof, ever, that bad-thing will ever come to pass. The regional governors now have direct control over their territories. Fear will keep the local systems in line. - Governor Tarkin, Star Wars So first, TikTok.  The argument here is that another government could decide to steal your personal information at any moment.  Think about what that means.  How personal is your personal information really?  We all offer personal information to relative strangers all the time.  Sharing personal information is how we develop trust