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On Taking it Easy ...

As is sit enjoying a coffee and watching the sun rise through the fog, thinking of the enjoyment of the day ahead, the laughter and company of friends and family, the zen of a paddleboard ride on a quiet lake, it strikes me how ironic is it that we - me included - onboard stress into our lives, or add it into others lives, for no good reason. There is really only one story that has dominated world news for months now.  It's a divisive one.  There is the science and health community perspective, whose sole focus is reducing the impact of the pandemic on people and the health systems that provide the full spectrum of health care.  There is also the economic component, the job losses and business closures that are the result of the health safety measures put in place.  Between those is the governing aspect of bringing factual information, stability and comfort to the people. All of this stress is coming out in the heated debates and social justice movements we are seeing the wor