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On Entering the New World ...

This week, for basically the first time in 6 months, I crawled out from my basement hideaway to experience the new world.  I ate dinner at a restaurant and took my car in for servicing ... both were very interesting and very surreal experiences. Of course, to me, like the rest of us, wearing masks is a new experience.  The masks I have are not the most comfortable thing I can imagine (especially compared to a life mostly lived in pyjamas and oversized t-shirts) but, like everything else, I expect they will improve as time moves on.  To be honest, as a lifetime asthma and asthma-like allergy sufferer, who has been hospitalised and put on oxygen on at least 5 occasions, they are nothing compared to what compromised lung function feels like.  This may be controversial but, to me, if there is even a small percentage chance that I spread something that might put someone in a hospital on a mask then I will make that small sacrifice to wear a mask  ALL DAY, EVERY DAY so that they don'