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On Fixing what is Broken ...

"As soon as you realise that [something] is a problem, you should fix it.  Don't be a dumbass." - Dolly Parton, I didn't think I'd ever quote the wisdom of Dolly Parton, but this quote shows me at least 2 things: you can't survive a life in a cut-throat business like music without a lot of intelligence; and, if you make a judgement about something, based on NOTHING, then you should be prepared to revisit that opinion when new information presents itself. All my life I have made mistakes.  I have certainly lost more than I've won.  I have been wrong more times that I care to count. I am also guilty of being so self-righteous in my convictions that I could not see how any person could possibly see the situation differently than I.  I have been so self-assured that victory was my right that, in a loss, I was convinced there were other factors at play, and therefore there was no wisdom to be gained from the experience other than "other