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On the Good Old Days ...

So I came across this meme the other day and dozens of comments reminiscing on the old "Glory Days".  What became increasingly clear as I read the comments is that EVERYONE thought that their youth was the "best time to be alive" and that the current generation of youth had moved on from that particular social media site because it's full of old people being nostalgic. The past 6 months of my life have been spent in the company of my children - 14 and 7.  We are no longer separated for work and school.  We coexist in the same space and I am very aware of the world they are living in.  One thing that has become clear to me is that the world they live in, one that is connected and enabled by technology, is clearly a better place to grow up than when I did in the cold war (and in Canada where I lived, a language war) era of 70s/80s, and far more than the post world-war, racial unrest world my parents lived in the 50s/60s. Let's start with some of the soci