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On the ending ...

I've been in denial for a while now. For some reason I am having issues being ok with the truth.  A simple truth. And it's not like I didn't try. I swear I did my best. But now it's time to finally admit it ... I'm probably not going to watch the Simpsons anymore. For almost 33 years I followed the adventures of the yellow family.  I'd seen every episode. I'd seen every short. I had Simpsons merch.  I had CDs of song from the Simpsons - not one, but 2 CDs worth. I used to have whole conversations with friends that were nothing more than a collection of Simpsons quotes.  I was so proud of being a Simpsonphile  I used to put these facts on my dating profiles - surprisingly, it did not result in a tsunami of Simpson loving women crashing my email box. But for the last few seasons my watching has been sporadic at best. I tell myself that I will get around to watching the other episodes.  I just need some spare time on the weekend.  I tell myself that I will catc